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How To Unclog Drain

Sometimes you can fix a clogged drain yourself.

There are a variety of fixes that you can find online, from vinegar and baking sodas to plungers, wire hangers and more harsh chemical you can pour down the pipes.

But, sometimes, you might need help from a professional plumber.

A burst pipe can waste many gallons of water and cause flooding, a blocked toilet can waste water and cause sanitation problems, or even a blocked sink or dishwasher can cause lots of flooding, mold and damage to the floor.

Here is when you should consider calling an expert:

  • you have run into one of those very stubborn blockages (or clogs) that does not go away no matter what you do
  • you are worried about bursting the pipes. This is a very real possibility, especially in the case of older, brittle pipes or with very stubborn clogs
  • you have one of those very slow flowing drains, even after trying to clean it extensively
  • the P-trap is clogged with grease and other types of debris
  • you have a clogged garbage disposal that you cannot clear


How To Prevent Future Clogs

Bathroom Sink Clogs

A clogged bathroom sink is not pleasant to look at. Usually the culprits are a combination of hair, soap sum, toothpaste and other materials, such as skin flakes that combine to for the black gunk that blocks a bathroom sink.

One of the ways to prevent bathroom sink clogs is to clean drain stoppers and try to limit the amount of hair and unused toothpaste that falls into the drain.

Shower Drain Clogs

The biggest culprit that causes shower drain clogs are hair clogs. A drain cover that catches most of the hair and that gets cleaned regularly will go a long way. Flushing the drains with hot water also helps.

Toilet Clogs

It happens to the best of us. One minute you’re using the toilet and the next minute you’re fighting to keep it from exploding all over your bathroom. Toilet clogging is a common problem, although a very unpleasant one. In homes that have older pipes, clogged toilets can simply become a fact of life.

To prevent them, avoid flushing items such as sanitary napkins, paper towels feminine products, shaving razors, dental floss and baby wipes, to name a few.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

Just about every home experiences clogged sinks and drains at some point.

A kitchen sink clog can be very frustrating, and is most commonly caused by food debris, grease or both. Even if you really clean your sink regularly, these things can build up over time and cause clogging.

Some of the most effective ways to keep a kitchen sink from clogging are:

  • use a drain cover that traps most of the food residue
  • never throw away grease in the sink as it can solidify in the pipes and clog them
  • do not throw away coffee grounds in the sink

Clogged Dishwasher

A clogged dishwasher can cause plenty of issues, from dishes that stay dirty to a flooded kitchen floor.

Cleaning the filter regularly and clearing the big chunks of food from the dishes before loading them can help a lot. There are other causes for a clogged dishwasher, from clogged drain hoses to garbage disposal issues.

Drain Clearing Services

Sometimes, clearing up a clogged drain can be a couple of minutes task. Other times you may run across stubborn blockages, pipe bursts and excess water in the fixtures.

For those pesky issues that you cannot fix yourself, our plumbers are a call away and can repair any issue safely and efficiently.

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