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What is a Point Of Use Water Heater?

A point of use water heater is a water heater that heats the water exactly at the point where hot water is needed. It is a good way to eliminate the wait for hot water and reduce the wasted water.

To fully understand what a POU water heater is and whether you need one, we will look at the benefits of installing one in your kitchen or bathroom.

Benefits of Installing a Point Of Use Water Heater

Although there are costs attached to buying and installing a new POU water heater, there are plenty of benefits afterwards:

  • hot water on demand – no more waiting long minutes for the water from your tap or shower to warm properly.
  • reduce wasted water – there are many wasted gallons of water that you are not using during that wait time.
  • improved efficiency. According to energy.gov, you can save somewhere between 8-50% on operating costs, based on water usage, type and the number of POU water heaters installed in your home

Types of POU Water Heaters

Based on water storage, there are 2 types of point of use water heaters: with tanks and tankless.

Tankless Water Heater

They generally work by using an electrical coil to heat up the water in the heat exchanger and provide how water instantaneously. Although the costs of such heaters might be a little bit higher than tank heaters, the additional cost is offset by a very longĀ  life expectancy (20+ years) and increased efficiency that will save you money in the long run. There are gas and electric tankless water heaters; the right one for you can be determined by our specialist after you let us know specific factors such as the location, usage requirements (will vary based on family size, etc), fuel type for the heater, etc

POU Water Heater With Tank

These types of heater generally have mini-tanks that store hot water. Compared to tankless water heaters, they are a little bit cheaper. Depending on their particular setup, the tanks migh lose some of the heat, so they are not as efficient and they also require more space.

POU as A Booster

On demand water heaters can be used in combination with your existing conventional main water heater. The are a lot of ways such combinations can be setup, but all of them improve water and energy efficiency.

On Demand Water Heater Installation

The installation of a POU water heater can get complex, fast. An improperly installed water heater is dangerous, both because of the hot water and potential issues with the fuel used (gas or electricity). Moreover, professional installation comes with help selecting the best heater(s) for your home, the best location, warranty and increased overall efficiency that will assure that your investment is paid back by the savings as far as possible.

Easy North Plumbing provides safe and experienced point of use water heater installations. Give us a call today to get started.


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