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What is a water heater?

A water heater is a piece of equipment that is used to heat potable water. By heating water, you make it possible for people to take a shower, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc.

Types of Water Heaters

Conventional vs POU Water Heaters

The most common type of water heaters is the conventional water heater that is used in many buildings and homes. It uses either electicity or gas to heat the water to a preset temperature and then it stores the hot water in a dedicated tank that is connected to the plumbing and leads to all of the fixtures that use hot water in the house.

However, in the case of a conventional heater, there is some kind of a heat loss from the tank over time and it also usually requires a waiting period after turning on a tap until the water comes out at the desired temperature, therefore wasting some of the water.

Point of use water heaters solve these issues by being placed at each point where hot water is needed. 

Conventional water heaters and point of use water heaters can be used together in a system that is more efficient than any of the heaters when used alone. The exact type of setup and combination of heaters can be determined after analyzing a few factors such as family size, hot water usage, the number of fixtures that need hot water, existing plumbing, etc.

Water Heater Inspections and Maintenance

Same as with everything else, regular inspections and maintenance can increase the life expectancy of your water heater and prevent costly repair or replacement bills.

From cleaning the anode rode and checking the valves to insulating the pipes and cleaning the debris from the tank, a regular water heater inspection should be as thourough as possible to prevent breakdown and potential issues such as flooding.

Water Heater Installation and Replacement

The plumbers at Easy North Plumber can help with any type of water heater work:

  • repairs
  • replacements
  • new installations

All new residential water heater installation and replacement work comes with a 1 year labor warranty.

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