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Installing a new shower: why you should always use a professional plumber

Showers are an important part of our daily lives. We want to make sure that they’re working properly so that we get maximum use out of them. One thing that many people don’t realize about showers is how much control you could have over your own comfort level when it comes to bathing.

Types of shower valves

You may be able to adjust the temperature on your thermostat but it was really hard to fine tune the temperature of your shower until recently!

Pressure-Balancing Valves

With a Pressure Balance Shower Valves , you’ll finally be able to enjoy the perfect amount of heat without having to worry about changing temperatures throughout the course of your shower time. These innovative shower valves will allow you to keep the exact temperature you desire at any given moment during your showering experience. 

Thermostatic Shower Valves

A thermostatic shower valve allows you to set the temperature before entering the bathroom and then maintains that same temperature all through the duration of your shower session. This means that you never need to change the temperature settings as you take different lengths of time under the spray. Thermostatic shower valves can also help save water. 

Shower Valve Installation

If you’re looking for a reliable company with years of experience installing shower valves, look no further than Plumbing Service Experts®. With decades of expertise, we know what it takes to install these devices correctly. When you call us, one of our expert technicians will visit your house or business to determine which type of shower valve would be most suitable for your needs. Once installed, we’ll ensure that your shower works perfectly by checking its operation and making adjustments if necessary. If there’s anything else wrong with your system, we’ll fix it quickly and efficiently. You won’t find better prices anywhere else. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable shower valve service options.

How do I choose between pressure balancing and thermostatic?

The first step towards choosing the correct shower valve for your home is determining whether you prefer a pressure balanced or thermostatic model. Both types offer their users several benefits; however, each has advantages and disadvantages. The main difference between the two models lies in the way they operate. A pressure balance valve uses a spring mechanism to maintain constant pressure while a thermostatic valve relies on sensors to regulate the flow rate. In addition to this, both systems require regular maintenance to function optimally. For example, a leaky pipe can cause problems with either kind of valve.

Shower Types & Additional Choices

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a shower system. From different shower doors, shower heads, different shapes, tub combos to full body jets, waterfall, rain, different materials such as prefab, stone, accessibility options and customized features such as LED lighting and Bluetooth connected speakers. 

These are some of the most popular types. All of them can be fully customized:

  • The stand-alone shower
  • Regular bathtubs
  • Hot tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Walk-in bathtubs
  • Full body jets

Shower Repairs

How To Determine If Your Shower Valve Is Bad ?

Shower valves are a common fixture in most homes. They allow you to control the flow of water from your shower head. However, if they fail, it could cause serious damage to your home. Here’s how to determine whether or not your shower valve needs repair:

1) Check the temperature setting – The first thing that should come into mind when checking out your shower valve is its temperature settings. It may seem like an obvious tip but many people don’t realize that their shower heads aren’t set at the correct temperatures. You want to make sure that the temperature is set between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that you get enough heat while still being able to enjoy a nice cool down after taking a bath.

2) Make sure there isn’t any leakage – There shouldn’t be any dripping or puddling anywhere.

3) Look closely at the rubber gasket – Another important part of your shower valve is the rubber gaskets which help keep moisture away from the metal parts of the device. These gaskets need to stay intact so that they continue to do their job properly. If these gaskets have been damaged by corrosion or other issues then you might notice some leaks as well. 4) Test the pressure – After making sure everything else looks good, test the pressure of the water flowing through your shower valve. If the pressure seems low, then you know that there is probably a leak, clog or issue somewhere within the system.

5) Listen if any of the pipes are knocking as they can indicate clogs or water pressure issues. 

6) Test the water for sudden temperature changes, especially when another fixture uses water, such as a sink or toilet.

7) Slow drainage which could indicate drain issues.

Shower Plumbing

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional plumber if you’re unsure of anything about your shower installation or repair. You could cause serious damage if you make a mistake, such as flooding, excessive moisture and mold. Furthermore, improper installations can cause your home to lose energy efficiency and result in higher utility bills.

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